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Immigration law office of Zainab Khan LLC. is a boutique law firm that helps people attain their various requirements for proper and legal immigration. At our office, we provide a wide array of full-service immigration practices to clients all over the country. We are dedicated to offering skilled counsel to our clients as regarding with all matters that are related to travel, immigration, and naturalization. Immigration law can be especially difficult to maneuver, especially given the fact that the US Immigration law change their requirements and legislations on a regular basis. We fully understand the complexity and often confusing nature that immigration law has, and this is why we have committed ourselves the provision of a strong voice and effective legal representation to our clients in their bid to secure immigration requirements.

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Zainab Khan bagged her LLM degree from the John Marshall Law School, Atlanta. Apart from degree in Law, she has also gained admission to the Alabama State Bar. She’s a member of the American Bar Association, All Immigration Lawyers Association, Georgia Association of Women Lawyers, Global Migration Section (AILA), Atlanta-Alabama Chapter (AILA) & Georgia Association of Muslim Lawyers. Zainab Khan makes a wide array of legal services related to federal immigration law available to her clients. She has been known to actively take regular pro bono cases and also provides various remuneration options to clients who are financially unable to afford her services on a normal basis. Zainab chose the Immigration Law path because she has a burning passion for enabling aspiring individuals to achieve their dreams, re-uniting families, and helping estranged relations to find their way back to each other. She enjoys viewing the diversity of various clients who come from a wide array of backgrounds and walks of life as well as the complex and challenging nature of the law. You can rest assured that with Zainab, you’ll get the dedication and commitment that you deserve from an immigration attorney.

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What They Say


Alicia Starling says

Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Our lawyer was able to meet with us on Saturdays and explained everything step by step. She answered every text, call, and e-mail almost immediately!Within less than 9 months our I-485 was approved! Would recommend her to everyone!!

Joey Balboa says

Zainabs amazing. Very articulate. Intelligent and knows what she is doing. She has a very clear understanding of law and makes complex matters easy to understand. Always smiling and she has a very pleasant personality. Read More

Samba Diawara says

Communication is her key. She will explain you every detail of the process and follow with you all the setp.

Mr B says

Great attorney, great customer service, great personality and she was on point in my case, i highly recommend her on yours thanks a lot?????

Michael Caines says

Zainab was easy to work with and made the whole process painless in our immigration process for Naturalization. Even after 5 years when we had some need for our documents she retrieved them quickly and without additional fees.

Tee Nonny says

Best immigration Attorney you can think of,Attorney Zainab Cares alot about her Clients and she return calls asap.

Jennifer I Chukwu Robinson says

Zainab is an amazing lawyer, very friendly and more especially very professional.

cycle four says

Zainab is articulative. She picks call or return when she misses your call unlike other attorneys. She takes your case personally and makes sure you get a good result.

sadi java says

Zainab Khan is very honest, knowledgeable and sincere attorney. She has helped me with my sister’s immigration. My sister’s immigration case was denied but Zainab helped reopen the case. Read More

Inam Khattak says

I met this lawyer Zainab through my friend Paul shah had very good experience she always respond quickly to phone calls or text messages had good experience..I will highly recommend her ..

SCH SCH says

Highly effective, helpful and understanding. I must say, one of the best immigration lawyers.

Raja Shobi says

khan is very professional and right on the money when it comes to any immigration needs she is the one to get in touch with.
My citizenship process was smooth as it can be. She handled my phone calls and emails very professionally. Read More

Utpal Shah says

The way she handled my case that was amazing. She do get work done on time there no negative or unprofessional stuff from her I do highly recommended her service.

Sunil Ketiwala says

Zainab made it very simple and easy for the process of submitting the documents and identification . Excellent communication on the case. Highly recommend.

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Helping You
Helping You

We are committed to providing quality immigration representation by exploring all possible options and solutions, making the process less severe the journey less burdensome and more pleasant. We co-operate with our clients effectively and provide what is necessary to complete the task. With a convenient location and appointment flexibility we maximize our client’s valuable time.

Aiming For The Best
Aiming For The Best

We’re highly successful with a comprehensive background of experience and achievement in the field of immigration law. We provide prompt and courteous service and prioritize the needs of our clients. Immigration process can be complex and overwhelming but our goal is to help our clients understand their rights and issues affecting their case.

Right Answers
Right Answers

We offer honest advise and professional assessment to our clients and provide them with accurate answers and the best possible solutions.Clients communicates directly with an attorney not paralegal, we keep our clients informed about the status of their case. Calls and emails are answered promptly. We keep our clients involved and personally guide them to make the right decision about their case.

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Georgia Association For Women Lawyers


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