New estimates in the US shows that the undocumented or simply unregistered demographics in the United States confirm a manner that has been vivid for several years: people who become undocumented each year by overstaying their visa time now greatly surpasses those numbers who entered without a visa at all. This implies that the immigration rules and policies and immigration-enforcement mechanisms, in particular, need to be revised and should be updated timely.

It is found that many people are likely to adopt this method of overstaying the visas due to various circumstances like to be with their family members, loved ones, keep their jobs alive, business conditions, dwell in relative safer situation, and enjoy a greater degree of freedom and technological advancement than their homebound real scenarios. In addition to that, there are barely nefarious reasons to stay. It is true that the US government should enforce suitable immigration laws without any ordeals. As there are advanced or generous human rights in the US, people from all around the globe tend to live inside the US rather than leaving it.

The recent survey from the Center for Migration Studies (CMS) proves several years-long trends. Like, the number of not registered immigrants in the country has decreased since 2010 (from 11.7 million to 10.7 million in 2017). The intense fall has occurred among undocumented Mexican migrants population (the number of whom fell by 1.3 million during the same period).

Concurrently, the number of Central American migrants passing the border without inspection or through authorized procedure has increased in a notable fashion, as tens of thousands of women and children in particular escape violence in their homelands. Yet visa overstayers still makes the count for most of the new unregistered newcomers those join the US. population’s statistics annually. Most of the visa over stayers have come from states like Mexico, India, China, Venezuela, and the Philippines..

Patently, these specimens indicate that the Trump administration’s sky-high border wall would impact little to stop undocumented immigration provided that most of the numbers are from overstays issues. More than that, however, the pervasiveness of immigrants who resides as an overstayer or simply facing such ordeals raises other policy-allied questions.
At the outset, evidence indicates that the profuse majority of immigrants in general, and unregistered immigrants in particular, are not culprits and have never even committed a serious malefactor. They have been in such trapped due to various issues starting from their own negligence, the US frequently changing policies to involvement in law-breaking deeds.

It is known globally that, the US is the most happening place on the planet. The surprising portion of demographics tends to enter the US land every hour through the border of Mexico allegedly and via some international terminals. Basically, it denotes the notable figures of individuals who are making a choice to enter and stay with loved ones or simply build preferable lives for themselves. It is found that they want to unite with U.S. demographic and society as progressive as well as productive members, nevertheless, they have consciously adopted to remain inside the US beyond the cessation of their visa date.

The United States of America shares international borders with two nations:

1. The Canada–US border to the north of the United States and to the east of Alaska
2. The Mexico– United States Southern border

With all eyes of the US government on the southern border (Mexico-USA), the illegal flocking of international immigrants to enter US land is also increasing these days quietly. And Yes! We can see as well as read the news that the southern border is a hub of asylum seekers as well as international immigrants comparatively than the US- Canada border. Customs Border Protection[CBP] has made a total of 396,579 apprehensions on the south-western border in the fiscal year of 2018, and 303,917 in 2017. The figure had fallen dramatically in President Trump’s first year as he had tweeted to build a huge as well as high costing wall in Mexico-US border but rose again last year.

While trans-border migrants often make drop lines, the largest number of illicit migrants entering and settling in the US each year is those who tend to stay in the country after the cessation of their legitimate visa time. In reference to the most recent outlines and data by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Center for Migration Studies(CMS), a non-biased think-tank, the number of people overstaying their visas has outvoted those figures who crossed the border allegedly each year since 2007.

The president, Donald Trump has been insisting on $5 billion to build a huge wall along the southern border i.e. U.S.-Mexico border, supposing that the physical barricade would prevent migrants from entering into the United States without legal attempts. However, to build such infrastructure like fencing is costly and unnecessary. Extensive obstacles on the borderland already exist yet they are not so effective. They have done little to hinder illegal border entering. It should be known that a wall only won’t halt terrorists, smugglers, and criminals entering the United States, as most of them approach through legal ports.

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Posted On - 26 Feb 2024