Meet the Attorney

Zainab Khan bagged her LLM degree from the John Marshall Law School, Atlanta. Apart from degree in Law, she has also gained admission to the Alabama State Bar. She’s a member of the American Bar Association, All Immigration Lawyers Association, Georgia Association of Women Lawyers, Global Migration Section (AILA), Atlanta-Alabama Chapter (AILA) and the Georgia Association of Muslim Lawyers. She has also been known to actively take regular pro bono cases from the Georgia Asylum Network. Zainab Khan makes a wide array of legal services related to federal immigration law available to her clients and she also provides various remuneration options to customers who are financially unable to afford her services on a normal basis.

Zainab chose the Immigration Law path because she has a burning passion for enabling aspiring individuals to achieve their dreams, re-uniting families, and helping estranged relations to find their way back to each other. She enjoys viewing the diversity of various clients who come from a wide array of backgrounds and walks of life as well as the complex and challenging nature of the law.

When she’s not in a courtroom or out helping people out in a legal capacity, she enjoys reading, spending time with her family and traveling within and across borders with her better half.
You can rest assured that with Zainab, you’ll get the dedication and commitment that you deserve from an immigration attorney.

About the law firm

Immigration law office of Zainab Khan LLC. is a boutique law firm that helps people attain their various requirements for proper and legal immigration.

At our office, we provide a wide array of full-service immigration practices to clients all over the country. We are dedicated to offering skilled counsel to our clients as regarding with all matters that are related to travel, immigration, and naturalization.

Immigration law can be especially difficult to maneuver, especially given the fact that the US Immigration law change their requirements and legislations on a regular basis. We at Zainab Khan LLC. fully understand the complexity and often confusing nature that immigration law has, and this is why we have committed ourselves the provision of a strong voice and effective legal representation to our clients in their bid to secure immigration requirements from large and intimidating government departments.

Our office is vastly skilled in a wide array of legal practices, related to immigration law including deportation defense, family immigration law, business immigration, and much more. We are thoroughly trained and vastly experienced through years of representing clients before various agencies.
We also have an in-depth knowledge of the working operations of these agencies. This wealth of legal working experience has provided us with a very strong understanding of how we can intertwine immigration law with other facets of the law, and the practical effects of various situations on our clients. That being said, it’s more than safe to say that you’re in safe hands.