Interview at a U.S Embassy or Consulate? 

We help process and prepare clients to attend interviews at U.S. Embassy/Consulate around the world. We help prepare Nonimmigrant, as well as Immigrant visa applications for both Employment and Family Based Petitions.

 Below are some examples of frequently asked questions by our clients:

What is Consular processing?

Consular processing is the procedure for applying for an immigrant visa (green card )at the U.S embassy or consulate abroad. Once you are the beneficiary of an approved immigrant petition and the visa number is available immediately, there are two ways to apply for the green card. If you are outside the United States, the only way to immigrate to the U.S is to go for consular processing. However if you’re already in the U.S can go either for Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing.

After the immigrant petition is approved who is responsible for collecting documents and setting up the appointment at the U. S embassy abroad?

NVC is responsible for collecting the visa application fee and supporting documents. NVC will notify the petitioner and beneficiary.

How long does it take for NVC center to process?

Within 30 to 90 days after that letter sent, depending upon the consulate, you should receive a letter from the NVC indicating the date on which your interview has been set. Most interviews occur within 30 days of the date on which this letter is written

How long does it takes NVC to review documents?

After the documents are submitted it may take 4 to 8 weeks to review the documents?

Do I need to notify NVC of any changes?

Yes, you can notify NVC for any change regarding the change of address, change of marital status, change in age etc.

What happens after I’m granted a visa?

The consular post will give you a packet, don’t open it. You’re required to give the packet to CBP at the port of entry. The officer will inspect you an determine whether you need to be admitted as a lawful permanent resident. If you paid your USCIS immigrant fee you’ll receive your green card in mail.

What happens if I’ve been asked to submit waiver of ineligibility?

You would have to submit the waiver application, after the waiver application is adjudicated, decision would be made on your visa application.

What is the minimum income to sponsor an Immigrant?

The income requirement is listed on for I-864 P. It depends on the household member size.

What documents is submitted with the Affidavit of support?

Copy of Tax returns for the most current year,  copy of W-2, copy of pay stubs, employment letter etc.

How can your office help me?

Our office will give you the checklist of documents ahead of time that is needed for consular processing. We prepare the affidavit of support and submit it to NVC with all the supporting documentation. All the documents are submitted to NVC keeping in view the NVC guidelines. We eliminate the common errors that create delays or rejection. We’re in contact with NVC until the case is processed.