If you’ve immigration problems or want to start immigration process for your family, employee, or yourself and you would want an experienced immigration attorney by your side, contact our office.
Our office deals with the following types of immigration services:
  • Work based visas
  • Marriage based visas
  • Family based visa
  • Green cards
  • Executive transfers
  • Citizenship
  • Appeals
  • Fiancée visas
  • I-751 petitions to remove conditional residence
  • Adjustment of status
  • Consular processing
  • Immigration court proceedings
At our law office we’ve interactive, innovative and easy-to-use questionnaire which asks for all the basic facts to evaluate your case.
Our law office handles filing of naturalization applications for foreign nationals who aspire to become US citizens. if you have a complex case like being absent from the country for a longer period of time, having issues with good moral character like misdemeanors, traffic violations, or criminal convictions or owing government money, etc our office can review your case for eligibility and help you file the application
We help companies with filing of employment-based visas, like H1B, TN, O visa, PERM applications, I-140 and green card applications. The application process involves professional determination of the most suitable visa category and the accurate preparation of the application. We are ready to render assistance to a large number of clients be it multinational executives to treaty investors, software professionals, researchers and scientists, as well as artists, athletes, entertainers and fashion models.
ZK- Immigration Law Office of Zainab Khan, LLC is a perfect destination to approach for immigration court representation, bond hearings, cancellation of removal cases. If you have a loved one detained by ICE, please contact us for the case evaluation.

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Posted On - 13 Aug 2020