All people living in the United States have certain constitutional rights. Everyone both documented and undocumented people have rights in this country:

> Make sure you know what to do when ICE officers approach you:
> You have a right to remain silent, you can tell them that you want to remain silent until you speak to your lawyer
> If you choose to remain silent say so out loud.
> You have a right to demand a warrant before letting anyone into your home
> You have a right to make a phone call and speak to your lawyer.
> If you’ve a signed G-28 by your lawyer, you have a right to give it to the officer
> You also have a right to refuse to sign anything until your speak to your lawyer.
> Signing anything could eliminate your right to speak to the lawyer or to have a hearing before an immigration judge; this may have you deported immediately without a hearing.

If you need to know more about your right s and need to speak to an immigration attorney and to see if you might be eligible for any immigration benefit please call our law office at 678-659-9691

Posted By zkim

Posted On - 24 Jun 2021