USCIS received 190,098 new H-1B cap-subject petitions for FY2019, down from approximately 199,000 petitions in FY2018. Such petitions are filed once a year, here is the total requests for the last three years:

2018- 190,098
2017- 199,000
2016- 236,000

The service conducted it computer generated random selection process on April 11th 2018. USCIS will return all the unselected petitions with their filing fees and will send out notices for the selected petitions. Since premium processing for this year cap petitions was suspended, there will be no email receipts.

Not only did USCIS suspend the premium processing just before the April 1st filing deadline but it also released the end of March guidance regarding how to determine whether a petition would be considered as a multiple filing and also released the standards for third party worksite standards for H-1B’s.

USCIS will continue to accept H-1B petitions for individuals who are not subject to the cap.

Credit card payment accepted for most immigration forms:

USCIS will now accept credit card payment for filing most of its forms. USCIS will enter the credit data into the system and will then destroy the FORM G-1450 to protect the credit card information. Make sure your card has enough balance for the fees because USCIS will deny the application if the card is declined.

Chad removed form the travel ban:

Chad is no longer on the Travel ban list of restricted countries. President Donald Trump lifted the restriction because “Chad has made improvement and now sufficiently meets the baseline…”

All other visa restriction remains in effect.

Court finds Florida conviction for sale of cocaine to be illicit trafficking aggravated felony.

The Eleventh Circuit held that the BIA did not err in concluding that the petitioner was ineligible for cancellation of removal because his Florida conviction for sale of cocaine constituted illicit trafficking within the meaning of INA §101(a)(43)(B).

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Posted On - 13 Aug 2020